Convertible BMW Window Installation Instructions
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This repair will require 2 people (One person working from the inside, and one person working on the outside). Expect to spend at least an hour.

Repair should be done at temperatures at or above 68 Degrees F. Take off all jewelry (watches, rings). Roll down all the side windows. Lift Convertible top up about 6 Inches.

Starting in the Middle of the window on the outside, lift the piping with a butter knife and pull the fabric out of the black rubber profile, being careful not to damage the profile or your top.

Remove the rectangular shaped retaining clips (on the inside and outside of the window) by prying with a screwdriver.

Using a butter knife, or screwdriver unzip the zipper by prying between the 2 zipper ends. (you can also use an oversized zipper slider to unzip the window.) Once the zipper has been opened, it seperates easily, even without any tool.  It is easiest when done from the inside of the car. 

Gently press the old window from the outside pushing in to remove the window.

Install the new window from the inside of the car.

Working from the inside of the car, start the zipper on the zipper end that is more toward the outside of the car.  To align the zipper, align the end of the tab of the zipper on your top with the end of the zipper on the window.  You will notice that there is no starting tab on the window.  See the above picture for clarification.  

Using the provided zipper slider, zip in the new window. The factory install guide allows only 1 tooth offset to the right or left.

Put the top back up all the way, but do not lock it. Using a needle and thread, sew both ends of the zipper closed.

Apply the contact cement in between the Black Canvas trim of the window and the window plastic under the trim. Let it dry for 10 minutes, or until it gells.

Lift the canvas trim of the window window and insert the top material under the canvas trim, where the glue is. If there are any part of the canvas trim does not lay flat, use the needle and thread to sew the black trim down.

If you have finished the installation and you have diagonal wrinkles in the window plastic, then the window isn't aligned correctly. The zipper may appear to be aligned correctly according to the above picture, but it isn't aligned correctly for your particular car. By looking at the diagonal wrinkles, start the window either to the right or left of your original starting point. Note that if you move the bottom of the window to the left, the top of the window will be moved to the right.